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To contribute to the development of a well-rounded (holistic) medicalprofessional, who will demonstrate knowledge and competence withcompassion in dealing with primary health care, desire for lifelong learning,evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary team work, and professional andethical behaviour in practice in order to improve and sustain the health of thepopulation.

Curricular strategy:
The learning environment is being designed to
  1. Create a positiveattitude among students.
  2. Directed towards the Institute’s Mission Statement.
  3. Community- Oriented.
  4. Integrated, Problem based and Student centered.
  5. Multidisciplinary in its approach.
We strive for a competency based education employing a task related and problem solving approach, and in the learning setting of the community and Hospital. The obvious advantage of such a learning strategy relates to experiential recognition of wide range of problems that are prevalent in a community, developing a set of possible options for intervention, and demonstrating resolution of one or more of such problems through realistic, cost- effective solutions.
College building for 150 students per year is planned with most advanced laboratory equipment’s and in a very beautiful setting for the future doctors of this country. All the Departments are well equipped with Instruments, Museum, Library books for Medical Education etc as per the MCI standards. 


Lecture Hall (Courtesy: Forensic Medicine)




Departmental Library (Courtesy: Forensic Medicine)
Museum (Courtesy: Forensic Medicine/ Pharmacology)
Laboratory (courtesy: Pathology)



We have well trained faculties with excellent research and academic background. Some of our faculties are specially trained at NTTC JIPMER and Regional FAIMER Institutes in various pedagogy techniques.
Besides regular learning in the classrooms and laboratories, students are also taken to the community to carry out various field research activities,problem-oriented and community-based training of public health, various other field visits. Thus, active involvement of students duringfield visits presents an opportunity for the quick orientation of students to common public health problems.
Community Oriented Training:


BULLETIN 2010 - 2015


In charge:
   Dr. Ramachandra V Bhat, Dean (i/c)
   Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute
   225 ,Vazhudavur Road, 
   Puducherry 605 009.
   Phone: +91-0413-2277546
  Tele Fax: +91-0413-2277289 
  Email-id: puducherrymedicalcollege@gmail.com, igmcri.py@gov.in